Cutting edge of world science in particle physics and space research

Key area

Matter and the Universe

The University conducts cutting-edge research in theoretical and empirical particle physics, the formation and development of planets and planet systems, and the search for life in space. In 2022, the University of Bern showed Switzerland and the world what it can do and its achievements in these areas:

  • After a thousand days in orbit, the space telescope has exceeded expectations.
  • In November 2022, the Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern (AIUB) celebrated a double anniversary: 200 years of the old Bern observatory (Uraniae) and 100 years of AIUB.
  • On September 27, 2022, the time had come: The space probe DART collided with an asteroid to deflect it from its orbit.
  • With the help of a precision experiment developed at the University of Bern, an international research team was able to significantly limit the scope for the existence of dark matter.
  • The Albert Einstein Center (AEC) and the Laboratory for High-Energy Physics (LHEP) at the University of Bern hosted an anniversary event on the sensational discovery of the Higgs boson.