Ready for the medicine of the future
Digitalization, collaboration across subject areas and the swift translation of research results into real-world applications: these are the strengths of the medical faculties at the University of Bern.

Key area

Health and Medicine

Working in collaboration with Bern University Hospital and other partner institutions, the University of Bern boasts top-notch achievements in the fields of biomedical sciences, medicinal technology, neurocognition, host-pathogen interaction as well as physical and mental health. The highly interconnected relationship between experimental and clinical research, biotechnology and engineering sciences helps establish Bern as one of the world’s leading centers of medicine.

Some of the highlights in 2022 from the field of Health and Medicine include innovations such as in pathology, allergy testing or the treatment of pets of people with limited financial means, as well as the 100th anniversary of dentistry, which is now among the world leaders.